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Che Muhammad Bukhari: Full Time Trader

21st Intake Students (STA Graduate)

Hafiz Tokyo: Practitioner In The World of Investment & Trading

Took 35 Trades in Commodities and MADE PROFITS all of them

Phillip Tay - Graduate 23rd Intake

Ms Lily, Full-Time Trader: Best Choice to learn in deep in Technical Analysis with PDFTA Courses

I found the PCFTA online course interesting, challenging and rewarding. Not only did this course teach me the proper techniques of Technical Analysis, but it also helped me to improve my time management skills. The lessons are structured in such a manner that they give students actual strategies to try the very next day. The combination of different course materials such as books, live streaming videos, webinar series and group chats prevented me feeling isolated as an online student. The assignments were corrected quickly with a lot of positive feedback from the instructors
Reda Ousaadi
Online PCFTA 18th Intake
First of all, I personally think that this course is quite interesting and challenging because I am an online student without having any face-to face interactions with those lecturers, TAD team and classmate but everyone is linked and very enthusiastic to discuss and communicate in a created group chat. Other than that, I treat this course as a rare opportunity since it was taught by those very experience lecturers who always share their minds, experience, trading style and method followed by a party of tutor who always support at the back to answer question and prepare extra reading materials especially the sorting of past year exam question. I would like to emphasize that the series of live trade and exam preparation webinar is very impressive.A very detail and precise trading and technical analysis course. I would recommend to anybody who wants to improve their trading skills. This course is excellent. Fred tam is a most valuable lecturer. I have learnt so much throughout the 3 months course.
Wong Shueh Ting
Online PCFTA 18th Intake
Course is excellent and very comprehensive. Able to provide a robust understanding of trading concepts, theories in a clear and easily understandable manner to the novice trader. Mr. Tam goes out of his way to provide additional notes and handouts for certain topics to make clearer
Benjamin Ee
Online PCFTA 18th Intake
This course is excellent for beginners as well as someone who wants to brush up the skills in technical analysis. Speakers are excellent. Fred tam is passionate on what he teaches. He is a very dedicated lecturer, provides practical knowledge, updated information on current financial markets
Icurs Lee
Marketing Executive, Jerneh Insurance
A Very Detail And Precise Trading And Technical Analysis Course. I Would Recommend To Anybody Who Wants To Improve Their Trading Skills. This Course Is Excellent. Fred Tam Is A Most Valuable Lecturer. I Have Learnt So Much Throughout The 3 Months Course.
Sean Ng
Business Development Manager, Silver Sprint Solutions
This course is very in-depth course on technical analysis. Fred has a gifted method in explaining a difficult subject into a more understandable way. The assignments given have definitely helped in refreshing memory regarding the subject taught. I have no doubts in recommending anyone to this course
Faris Iskandar
Full time Trader and Analyst

Professional CERTIFICATE in Financial Technical Analysis