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How Much Do You Know About STA?

The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is globally recognised as one of the largest and most widely respected not-for-profit organization which trains and accredits members of the investment community, from industry professionals to private individuals, interested in the study of technical analysis. STA has been setting the standards in technical analysis for 50 years and providing professional technical analysis courses for over 25 years, including teaching students at King’s College London and Queen Mary University London.

Your STA Diploma In Financial Analysis Is A Two-stage Qualification

STA Paper 1

This is a two-hour, 120 MCQs exam. The passing mark for paper 1 is 67%. Those achieving 85% or above are awarded a Merit

STA Paper 2

This is a three-hour, paper-based examination. The passing mark is 60%. Those achieving 85% or above are awarded a Distinction

Must pass Paper 1 & Paper 2 to be awarded the STA Diploma

Our 4 Reasons To Bringing You The Best Preparation To Pass STA Exams With Flying Colors

Reason 1

Pioneer & Top School

In Technical Analysis education in Malaysia since 2007

Reason 2

Know How To Score

We Teach you the Secrets of how to score High Marks

Reason 3

Best of the Best

In scoring 100% passes in STA Exams

Reason 4

Excellent Lecturers

Our Lecturers with years of Experience in STA Exams. Focused, Passionate & Dedicated to guide you to success

What Makes Us Different?


  • Intensive but Systematic Revision Coaching
  • Interactive Learn & Practice for Paper 1 MCQs
  • Interactive Learn & Practice for Paper 2
  • How To Annotate Charts and Writing Report for Section A
  • How To Answer Questions for Section B & Section C
  • Mock Exams & Interactive Answer Discussions



What is technical analysis?  Fundamental vs technical analysis; the 3 Principles of TA; advantages & 3 criticisms of TA; Dow Theory—Its development & 6 tenets; its relevance to market today & some criticisms of Dow Theory.

An overview of different chart types- western chart and Japanese chart types (including Relative Strength); construction & interpretation of bar chart & candlestick charts, advantages and disadvantages; Point & Figure Charts; other Japanese chart types- Heikin Ashi chart ,3 Line Break chart, Renko Chart, Kagi Chart; Price & volume charts; Equivolume; Arithmetic & logarithmic scaling.

What is behavioural finance? Emotional -greed & fear; Cognitive – trading biases: anchoring, loss aversion, bandwagon,

confirmation, endowment, framing, overconfidence, gambler’s Fallacy;  Effects of cognitive biases & how to overcome them; Why does behavioural finance matter to technical analysis?


Definition of trend; Trend analysis: trend direction & classifications, trend lines & channels, steepness and speed; Support & Resistance; Time frames;  Fibonacci retracement and extension.

Single day chart patterns; Reversal price target associated with patterns: H&S, Inverse H&S, tops & Bottoms-double or triple, Rounding, Cup & Handle, Spikes(V); Continuation Price target associated with patterns: Triangles -ascending, descending & symmetrical; Wedges – rising and falling; Flags & Pennants; Rectangle; Broadening Formation; Inside and Outside days; Gaps.

Construction & interpretation of Japanese Candlestick charts; Sentiments & psychology of important bullish and bearish Japanese candlestick patterns.


Trend Indicators: Moving Average (different types); uses of single, dual & triple; Adaptable-Keltner Channels, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Envelope, Moving Average Channels; strengths & weaknesses; ADX. Momentum Oscillators – MACD, Momentum indicator, Stochastic Indicator, RSI, ROC, CCI, Larry Williams %R. Volume based Oscillator- Money Flow Indicator, On Balance Volume; 3  important uses of Oscillators & drawback of oscillators; Volatility indicators –Bollinger Bands, Average True Range, VIX Indicator; Market Breath Indicators –Advance-Decline Line, McClellan Oscillator, McClellan Summation Index, New High- Low Index, Arms Index (TRIN);  Ichimoku Kino Hyo & Coppock Indicator.

Basics of P&F; 1 Box and 3 Box Charts Construction; P&F Chart Patterns; Horizontal and Vertical Count; Trend Line and 45 Degree Line; P & F’s Relative Strength and Market Breadth; P & F with Technical Indicators


Basic wave structure; Basic Assumptions; Variation to the impulse waves; Variation to the corrective wave; Rules and guidelines of EWT; Fibonacci time technique; Practical application of EWT

The 3 pillars of Gann Theory– Pattern, Price ,Time; Gann drawing tools –Angles and Fan lines; Gann Number and Quadrant-Number & 360 degree quadrant; Time & Price usage;  Gann Swing Rule

Time cycle concepts; 6 cycle principles; Cycle translation; Other forms of cycle;  Economic & Business cycle: Asset allocation & Sector allocation


Quantitative Analysis: Frequency & probability; Frequency distribution, range, mean, mode and median; Variance and Standard deviation;  Skew

Relative Strength (RS): What is RS; Concept of RS; How to use RS and  RS interpretation

Understanding Market Profile; Market Profile – The Principle; Concepts  & Construction; Types of Market Profiles; Volume Analysis;  Trade Setup and Strategy


Components of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo: Tenkan, Kijun, Chikou, Cloud Span A & B; Using Ichimoku components for trading: Breakout with cloud; Crossover with Tenkan & Kijun; Reversal in Ichimoku;  Ichimoku system design: Strategies with Ichimoku components; Price forecasting with Ichimoku: Wave structures; V, E & N price projection;  Ichimoku time forecasting

Pros & Cons of System Trading; Types of Trading System- Value, momentum, trend following, reversion to mean,

inter-market analysis, cycles, long/short etc; Trading System – Beliefs, Plan & objective; System Risk; Key components of a trading system-Filter, Setup, Trigger/Entry, Risk/position sizing, Multiple trades, Exit rules, Re-entry; Performance drivers–% of winner, Win ratio, Sharpe ratio, Max drawdown, Longest losing streak, Consecutive winners, Capital Adjusted Returns, Risk Adjusted Returns




Our Course Schedule For Your STA April Exams 2022

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want to be recognised globally as the Certified Technical Analysts
  • Those who want a career as fund manager or technical analyst or entrepreneur in the financial/investment industries or as educator to teach technical analysis
  • Those who learn technical analysis through self-learning, online learning or learning from other institutions but looking for a reputable STA Exams Revision course
  • Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) holders wanting to obtain the STA Diploma in Technical Analysis
  • Those who are alumni of F1 Professional Certificate in Financial Technical Analysis (PCFTA) course, and wanting to sit for the STA Exams.


You will learn from our top lecturers who are experts & authors with years of experience in trading & mentoring students for the STA Exams. They are focused, passionate & dedicated to guide you to success. In addition, our tutors and STA distinction scholars will also assist in your exams preparation.

Fred Tam


  • Renown technical analyst & trader of more than 20 years
  • Author 8 of best-selling technical analysis books,
  • Researcher, educator/ trainer,
  • Founder & CEO of F1 Academy
  • Discoverer of the computerized trading TAD system

Nicholas Tan


  • Lecturer from Singapore
  • Chartered Market Technician from the Market Technician Association of USA
  • Forex trading expert (20 years),
  • UOB Kay Hian Trading Representative,
  • Author of Best selling Singapore Handbook of Forex Trading.

Our Tutors Will Also Assist Your STA Exams Preparation

Afnan Firdaus


Brendan Looi

PDFTA , MSTA (UK) , CFTe (USA) BSc(Hons) Finance & Investment

Hassan Abdullah

PCFTA , MSTA (UK) , CFTe (USA B. Int B Mgt (1st Class)

John Phang


Course Fees

RM 8550 exclusive 6% SST
F1 Academy PCFTA Alumni ​
RM 4500 exclusive 6% SST
F1 Academy PCFTA Students​

Our Track Record

Scoring Up To 100% Passes In MSTA Diploma In Technical Analysis Exams And Award Winning Since 2007

Our Alumni as Recipient of Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize

Mark A. Lim – (F1 graduate) receiving Bronwen Wood Memorial prize – presented by Tom Dorsey in 2011

Mr. Mark A Lim is one of our illustrious alumni who was awarded the prestigious Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize in 2007. The certificate was presented to him by Mr. Tom Dorsey when they were both in Kuala Lumpur in 2011.

Like his mentor Mr. Fred Tam, Mark A. Lim is the author of a very comprehensive practical guidebook for technical analysis and preparation for exams. He also conducts a wide range of technical analysis & trading Masterclasses via online webinars & on-site seminars.


Testimonial from Dr. Ahmad Aizudeen Zakaria

Dr. Ahmad Aizudeen Zakaria


Student of 23rd intake, 2021

As a representative from 23rd intake of PCFTA Class of 2021, I would like  to thank the  F1-Academy  for providing this wonderful platform for students and technicians across the globe to study Technical Analysis in depth, and at the same time prepare and guide us for a world renown MSTA(UK) Diploma in Technical Analysis.

I extend my gratitude to the respected lecturers, Sifu Fred,  Sifu Nicholas Tan, Sifu Aiman and Sifu Choo for their relentless effort, tons of advice, endless support, and guidance, and lots of revisions and practices and encouragement for  achieving good result in PCFTA and MSTA-UK examinations. We will forever in debt and will practice what we have learned.

It is my pleasure to thank the hardworking coaches Mr. Afnan, Mr. Hassan, and Mr. Brendan, for a very friendly & engaging learning environment for students. I also sincerely thank all the non-teaching staffs & technical members for their constant support of our needs.

Always in my mind to thank my fellow Classmates for enthusiastically involved in discussion, extra revision, and motivation. I made  many new friends who always give positive energy, motivation, and support towards each other. Thank you, my buddies!

To my colleagues and new crowned chartist, it’s time to widen your wings beyond the horizon, educate people near you, your family, your friends and always give value and advice to those needed.

Testimonial from Dr Jeevain Sagathevan

My heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to say a few words in  this 22nd intake of PCFTA Class of 2020 graduation ceremony.

F1 Academy is the pioneer technical analysis education centre. F1 Academy has been recognized as the ‘go-to place’ for any professional who wishes to learn financial technical analysis.

Studying at F1 Academy has been a truly positive experience. Sifu Fred, Sifu Nicholas, Sifu Aiman, Sifu Choo and all the staff at F1 have created a positive & highly engaging  atmosphere for learning. The continuous support, the countless revision sessions and workshops which had been carefully devised and organised by very experienced and skilful Sifu Fred and his team have mentored and guided successfully  to achieve the excellent results in the STA Exams. This is the right place for anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and skills to be a competent trader and also to successfully obtain the prestigious MSTA & CFTe qualifications.

There truly are no prerequisites and career background to master technical analysis taught in F1 Academy. Having come from a medical background and having no prior knowledge in finance, etc., I have passed the STA exam with distinction. All it takes is effort, interest and proper guidance.

Dr Jeevain Sagathevan

Student of 22nd intake, 2020

Testimonial from George Anak Gabriel Ujai

George Anak Gabriel Ujai

Mechanical Engineer

Student of 23rd intake, 2021

My thanks for the opportunity to say a few words in this 23rd intake of PCFTA graduation day. Today marks  a new chapter in our lives as graduating students  of technical analysis.

My technical analysis knowledge gained from F1 Academy will last forever in my heart as the unique teaching techniques from Sifu Fred ,Sifu Nicholas, Sifu Aiman, & Sifu Choo

have successfully created a very positive learning experience & friendly cultures for me & my classmates from all background. No doubt F1 Academy is the best Technical Analysis Academy in the world.

The PCFTA program really helped in preparing for the STA exams. Countless revision sessions specially designed for students, really touch my soul.  Not many people will  give full dedication as Sifu Fred and his team did before the STA exam. Their dedication and passion in sharing their technical analysis knowledge to  the students is very touching. This is truly helpful in preparing us to achieve the excellent results in  the STA exams.

Technical analysis is very rich in theories. However, the  PCFTA course syllabus is designed  not only to prepare us to pass in STA exams, but the knowledge is also very applicable in real trading. Though my background is in engineering, I find no difficulty to learn technical analysis. I have passed the STA Exams with Distinction. I am very grateful to F1 Academy  for this enriching learning experience that has contributed significantly to my journey in becoming a Certified Technical Analyst.

Testimonial From Hassan Abdullah

I celebrate today with a sense of fulfilment for being recognized as a certified technical analyst.

I have many positive learning experiences in the F1 academy. I remember vividly, when the exams were near, we have more frequent & intensive  revisions.  This showed how  F1 Academy is committed  to go extra mile to ensure our success. The learning is not limited to STA exams but also the real trading experience in various financial instruments. I am so impressed with the lecturers of their immense knowledge & experience as active traders and technical analysis practitioners in the financial market.

We were taught & mentored by a team of very motivated, dedicated and qualified lecturers and tutors. They gave us deep-rooted foundations in technical analysis as well as stimulated us to think more critically. For this, I extend my sincere thanks to our lecturers Mr. Fred Tam, Mr. Nicholas Tan, Mr Aiman and our tutors, Mr. Afnan , Mr. K.S Wong  and Mr. John Pang for helping us whenever and wherever we approached them. My thanks also for the whole heartedly support the F1 administrative and support team.

As a part-time trader, the course helps me greatly to analyze the charts much better & to make the entry and exit at the right time, minimize my loss and maximize my profit. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my trading after attending this course.

My secrets of scoring distinction in my MSTA exams are:

1)Practice with a lot of chart annotations from past year questions to sharpen our charting skills and time management.

2)Follow the F1 GEARS format which is simple with predefined & well-structured parameters. 

3)Complete, practice and revise all F1 assignments.

Hassan Bin Abdullah

Technical Analyst

Student of 22nd intake, 2020

What Our Students Say

Hafiz Tokyo: Practitioner In The World of Investment & Trading

George Gabriel: I Took 35 Trades in Commodities and MADE PROFITS all of them

Phillip Tay – as a retiree, I find no difficulty learning from all the super lecturers ​

Ms Lily: As a full-time trader, I found my best choice to learn technical analysis

Che Muhammad Bukhari: From Engineer to become full time trader, the course helped me to make consistent and profitable trades

Feedback of PCFTA 20th Intake Students

What graduates say about this PCFTA COURSE ​

Disclaimer: Any information and contents presented in this course is solely for educational purposes only. Nothing herein should be considered as a solicitation to buy or sell stocks, futures or any other instruments. You hereby acknowledged that F1 Academy and the speakers shall not be responsible for any of your investment decision. Investment in financial markets involves risk of loss and professional advice should be sought before investing.