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Fred Tam



[M.PHIL.(MMU), MFTA, CFTe, MSTA, ACCA], Principal Lecturer of PDFTA Course. A well known figure in Malaysia’s stock market industry. He taught countless successful traders and investors. Today many local Mentors and Gurus are derived from his teaching and guidance. Today many local mentors and gurus had benefited from his teaching and guidance. Mr Tam has written 8 Books on technical analysis and have design powerful trading system known as the “TAD” Trading system which is excellent for stock and futures markets. He holds a Master in Philosophy from Multimedia University, a Master in Financial Technical Analysis from IFTA and a Diploma in Technical Analysis from STA-UK.

Nicholas Tan

BBA(NUS), CMT(USA), CFTe (USA), Member of TASS (Singapore) has more than 20 years of experience in the area of foreign exchange (forex) trading. He worked for 13 years as a forex trader with banks in Singapore, gathering much invaluable experience in the process. He rose from the ranks to vice president, making millions for the banks in those years.

Nicholas Tan


Choo Wei Chun


Choo Wei chun

MBA(USA), MBA(Aust) is an expert and teaches Elliott Wave Theory at OUM-IPD. He is one of the few that conducts classes on Advanced GET software and owns the largest library of research materials on Elliott Wave on an individual basis in Malaysia. He is a private trader and trades stocks, futures and FOREX market for the past 13 years.

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